Lejlet Lapsi – Heritage Malta Museums: programme of events

Lejlet Lapsi – Notte Gozitana 2012 – from the 18th till the 20th of May                               

Experience Gozo’s 7,000 years of history by visiting Heritage Malta’s Museums at the Cittadella

  • Gozo Museum of Archaeology

Come and see the latest displays in the Museum’s Prehistoric Collection.

  • Old Prison

View the largest collection of graffiti on the Maltese Islands.

  • Gozo Nature Museum

A collection focusing on local habitats set in an authentic 400-year old building. Special attraction: select specimen from the personal collection of Can. G.P. Agius de Soldanis, a pioneer in Maltese linguistics and a renowned historian.

  • Folklore Museum

One of the fewest surviving late medieval buildings in Malta & Gozo housing a collection of tools and artefacts from Gozo’s past.

All Cittadella sites are open daily 09.00hrs till 17.00hrs.

FREE ENTRANCE after hours on 18th and 19th of May, 19.00hrs till midnight.


Exhibitions at the Cittadella:

  • “Peasant Costumes: Insights into Rural Life and Society”. Ever wondered what the Maltese used to wear in the late 18th, 19th and early twentieth century? Visit Heritage Malta’s exhibition to learn more on the historical context, production processes and materials used for peasants’ dress within rural Malta and Gozo at the time. At the Exhibition Hall within the Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square, Victoria.
  • “Più forte del tempo / Stronger than Time” by Italian artist Giorgio Celiberti. At Heritage Malta’s Gozo Area Exhibition Hall. Piu’ forte del tempo, curated by Mr Anselmo Villata, is under the patronage of the Italian Embassy for Malta, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Ministry for Gozo, and Heritage Malta.Open on18th & 19th of May from 19.00hrs till midnight and on the 20th May from 09.00hrs till noon.
  • For Kids: Participate in a Quiz on the Cittadella Museums and get a chance to win! Quiz can be obtained from all four Heritage Malta museums and deposited at the Gozo Museum of Archaeology by Sunday 20 May at 5.00pm

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